This is our culture
This is who we are

Our company focuses on our people, they are the lifeblood of AAE, they enable us to thrive.

Even though our ground breaking technology speaks for itself, we don’t take our exceptionally positive working atmosphere for granted. We invest in it, we nurture it, we protect it, so that it can shine on the cutting edge of excellence for you. 

AAE is not just another manufacturer of groundbreaking high-tech systems. Our culture of determination and engagement, coupled with working in close-knit teams, allows us to always go that extra mile for you.

We are wired to outperform, because it’s in our DNA. This is how it has been since the start, and it is how we plan to go on.



If we do it, we do it the best way possible.

We set the bar high for ourselves and always go the extra mile to push the boundaries of technology. Day after day. When experiments fail, we pick ourselves up, learn from this and do better next time.

There's a reason why we set the bar high. Because, even though we have our own, sometimes seemingly unorthodox, ways of solving your problems. We are at our absolute best when we're operating on the very edge of what's possible!




Go for it!

Throw us a challenge and you might be surprised how tenacious we are, we don’t give up until we have a solution you are happy with. Our focus is on finding tailormade solutions that dovetail with your needs and requirements.

Our story - Always Together, Never Alone


Our people are the mainstay of our business.

Our employees are critical for the success of AAE. We look out for their safety, well-being, development and happiness at work. We are a committed team, we are caring and sociable. Everyone at AAE enjoys the same respect. That’s the difference with a family firm.


One for all, all for one.

We rely on each other in everything we do, no one is ever alone. We take care of each other: one for all, all for one. We invest in a top working atmosphere through promoting transparency and open communication, both within AAE and with you. Together we can be more than just a sum of the parts, we can be part of something truly great.

Providing you surround yourself with the right people, everything else will fall naturally into place.

William Pijnenburg  1957 - 2016