Advanced OEM


We make it scalable
for the long run

Realise your ambitions and grow your opportunities with our business line Advanced OEM Systems, while increasing your positive impact on the world. AAE is an extremely reliable long-term strategic co-development and manufacturing partner. We know where to deploy our expert knowledge to boost your company’s DNA.

Just imagine you had a partner who was a seamless extension of your most critical processes. A partner that co-developed and guided ideas from product design to manufacturability to the realisation of a complete system.

With AAE taking care of your operational processes, you can focus on new product development and sales. Our customers range from high-potential startups to established high-tech companies looking to scale up through establishing their entire production strategically with their partners. At AAE, we have the experience and know-how to support and guide you as you move forward.

Our business line Advanced OEM Systems focuses on Semicon, Medical, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods and Thin Film markets. 

How we make it scalable

  • Product lifecycle management
  • NPI
  • Co-development
  • Industrialisation
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Assembly
  • Service and maintenance
  • Refurbishment and functional qualification
inkjet Printing

Customer Intimacy

Being a family business puts us ahead of the pack. All our decisions are founded on strategic customer-specific investments and long-term partnerships. We are determined, tenacious and finish what we start. Our customers enjoy a highly transparent and close-knit partnership with us. So you can count on our complete involvement, commitment and open communication for the entire lifecycle of your product, at all levels.

As new technologies spring up, we embrace and master them, assuring business continuity for your processes. We leave you to get on with your core business. Through always working with dedicated customer teams, we embed your voice within our organisation. Taking your brain child from inception to maturity. An increasing number of our customers now have their own physical space at AAE. Going that extra mile and keeping it personal, that is AAE in a nutshell.


We are fully committed to product lifecycle management. AAE has a wealth of experience in bringing new products to market. This is thanks to years of experience with the best product development for manufacturing Design for Excellence (DfX). Involvement early on in the development allows us to add value and ensure the sustainability of your product.

In this business line, we build complete systems for our OEM customers in line with their IP requirements. Our engineers work together, continually developing and anchoring this IP. Put simply, your IP is your property and our experts collaborate with you to refine it. We put our engineering know-how at your disposal.

AAE, your manufacturing partner

Your systems are constructed in our assembly department, by our highly skilled mechanics, electrical, software, mechanical and process engineers, with support from the manufacturing engineering department. Safeguarding your product’s integral complexity, we take it from zero series to maturity. It is worth mentioning that we also enjoy the same close cooperation with our supply chain as we do with our customers.

Our supply chain reaches beyond our region when required to seek out quality wherever it resides. We source the right raw materials, semi-manufactured components and third-party specialists to bring your systems to life.

We make it scaleable – for the long run

We understand that your image depends on our performance. Starting from a zero series or pilot, we develop this into a small series. Our customers are not looking for a proto shop. We work intensively together to build a proto system. However, we do have extensive experience in the re-location of customer manufacturing to AAE.

Subsequently we develop a well-defined strategy to optimise the manufacturing flow to enhance system growth, quality, cost efficiency and on-time delivery. Repeatably and reliably. That is how we will propel your product to maturity.

Our track record

Our track record gives you the peace of mind to confidently trust us to fine-tune, develop and scale up your product manufacturing. While benefitting from our infrastructure, governance structures and quality processes.

We derive our success from the synergy we have built between our business lines. Strengthening each other in their own unique way. The indispensable knowledge and skills we acquire in Printing & Assembly Automation, where we too are an OEM, are employed to serve your needs. Combined with high demands from our customers with respect to our processes within Ultra-Conditioned Precision Modules that set the standard within this business line.

The unique synergy we maintain between the 3 business lines reinforces the strength of the solutions we provide across the business. Propelling us to the top of the market on all fronts.