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Life Science

Taking care of highly complicated assemblies is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the co-operation between AAE and it's customers within the Life Science branche. AAE takes it to the next level. Together with our customers we look for new roads, different paths and ways to push the boundaries of technology. 

We'd like to shed some light on the following cases, where we proudly show some of our work within the Life Science branche.



It might surprise you to learn how involved AAE is in Life Sciences as the partner of choice for a company that provides the world with solutions for discovering drugs to cure cancer and Alzheimer’s.

In fact, AAE partners with LUMICKS, the technology leader in this field, to facilitate Noble Prize-winning technologies for applications that allow scientist around the world to pursue their quest for new drugs or research results.

We do this through combining our customer’s knowhow and core expertise with our unique experience of in-depth mechanical engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, assembly, and validation.

We ventured on a journey that has resulted in groundbreaking technology in biochemical and biological research. To achieve this, AAE had to master the world of laser path assembly and DNA testing, through creating a customer cell within our company that opened up possibilities for drop shipments for our service department.

Through collaborating with LUMICKS, we have contributed to groundbreaking research in the treatment of cancer and Alzheimer’s. This synergy has made us an integral part of tomorrow’s healthcare.

LUMICKS is a fast growing high tech Life Science microscope manufacturer. To safeguard LUMICKS’ growth now and  for the coming years, we are proud to have AAE in our value chain to realise our ambition.

Gijs Oude Elberink - COO of LUMICKS

AAE fits well to LUMICKS in term of culture, focus on quality and it's manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

from Gijs Oude Elberink - COO of LUMICKS

In Ovo

Eggs are one of the world’s largest animal protein sources. Demand is set to increase the coming years due to population growth and rising income levels.

Since 2011, In Ovo has been on a mission to improve animal welfare within the poultry industry. One of the ways they achieve this is with “Ella”: a high-tech machine that, in less than a second, can determine whether an egg holds a female or male chick. As male chicks do not lay eggs, they lack economic value and are usually culled upon hatching. Through only hatching female chicks, In Ovo avoids the culling of millions of day-old male chicks. This not only raises standards in animal welfare, it also contributes to greater sustainability within the poultry industry.

The AAE and In Ovo teams managed to realise improvements to the “Ella” machine together despite the small window of available time. We worked on a new process to improve resealing the eggs after testing. This has to take place rapidly and thoroughly, as it is an integral part of the product hygiene in the process. This improvement is under further development in the form of a prototype that AAE has built.

A truly wonderful example of how two companies from different industries, but with a shared vision, have combined their strengths and expertise to make the world a better place. Proud to be moving the world happily forward.

The complexity of our products and services is enormous, only in close co-operation we're able to push the boundaries of technology.

Frank Mulders CEO at AAE b.v. Helmond

Frank Mulders

Discover our customer cases

Proud to be part of
Life Science