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We make it possible

AAE Ultra-Conditioned Precision Modules could be your reliable partner assisting you in the development and manufacture of your products. We dedicate a team of experts to understanding each new customer’s products and getting to grips with their DNA.

Highly successful OEMs retrain their focus on core technologies and managing economic volatility better through partnering with a competent tier-1 subcontractor like AAE.

Our business line Ultra-Conditioned Precision Modules focuses on Semicon and Life Sciences, with highly specific knowledge of high pressure, temperature, vacuums, material specifications and tolerances.

Just imagine you had a partner who is a seamless extension of your most critical processes. AAE is such a partner, always delivering high-precision, high-quality solutions, repeatedly and reliably.

How we make it possible

  • NPI (Manufacturing) engineering
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Key Technologies, state-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Cleanliness, cleanroom assembly & testing

Facilitating your continued success

AAE has a wealth of experience in bringing new products to market, based on design for excellence (DfX). Through transforming your design into a manufacturable module, AAE becomes a seamless extension of your most critical processes.

We are fully committed to product lifecycle management. Through early involvement in the development of your product, we are able to make our established suppliers and our in-house manufacturing facilities available to you. We can also collaborate with your team and existing partners to achieve the best possible solution. So you can really sit back and relax as we ensure your deadlines are met and your high quality is maintained. Managing and adjusting the supply chain wherever necessary.

Click on the image to watch a video of our OKUMA MU10000H milling station. The fourth of its kind in Europe!

Your IP in trusted hands

Your IP remains your property, our experts collaborate with you to refine it. We tweak it with you through considering how a desired function could be better, while remaining realistic about the manufacturability and supply chain.

Reliable and repeatable

Designing and building a functional prototype is one thing, but making sure the final product can be made repeatably and reliably is a different story. It all boils down to the reliability of the realisation process. This draws on all the activities across our organisation. Defining, developing and launching a new or improved industrialised product for release for volume production calls on the strengths of our entire organisation.

Our experts never lose sight of the manufacturability and the manufacturing process. With a well-defined strategy for optimising the production flow and focus on continuous improvement along the way. Continuously fine-tuning the manufacturing process to improve cost efficiency, quality and on-time delivery.

Key Technologies

In our own ‘Key Technologies’ facility we manufacture critical components that determine the performance of our customers’ modules. Key Technologies is where we manufacture highly complex products in a clean and conditioned environment.

Where we are taking historical steps within the field of Industry 4.0. Our connected and data-driven Realtime Location System (RTLS) reduces deviations and raises predictability for continued quality improvement. Our continuous investment in people, the most up-to-date technologies, connectivity and unmanned manufacturing guarantee that we are as productive, cost-efficient and innovative as you could wish for.

Always with your unique DNA in mind. Developing a dedicated manufacturing process with our engineers and manufacturing experts results in guaranteed product delivery. Our manufacturing competencies include:

  • Machining
  • Microlaser Processing
  • 3D printing
  • Sheet metal and construction
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Measuring

Our high-tech Cleanroom

Your modules are assembled in a clean and particle-free manufacturing environment and in ultra-high vacuum manufacturing in dedicated zones. We understand that the success of developing and manufacturing high-precision modules is determined by ever stricter requirements for cleanliness. At AAE, we aim to set the bar for cleanliness and contamination control. Through continuous investment in the generation and application of all relevant knowledge and necessary equipment.

Running a high-tech ISO class 5 to 7 cleanroom in our assembly department has taught us a lot about the critical factors that influence machine operability in our customers’ cleanroom environment. Facilitating easy access to an ultra-clean environment for you.

Our high-tech cleanroom is equipped with:

  • Local ISO class 5 mini-environments for extremely clean assembly and qualification
  • Ultra-High Purity zones with dedicated instruments
  • Wet cleaning area with specific automated cleaning, employing the very latest technological advancements
  • Wet vacuum (up to 0.08 bar absolute)
  • RGA equipment
  • (Black) light inspection in a dedicated controlled dark room
  • Leak test equipment (vacuum and overpressure)
  • Particle testing, in gas XCDA and ultrapure water
  • Hydraulic high pressure testing up to 10,000 PSI

Our employees are driven by the dream to make our world a better and happier place. Together with our customers, we make this dream come true.


Luba Levkovic

Business Manager

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