Our story

Move the world happily forward by providing
groundbreaking high-tech solutions


By pushing technical boundaries, we ensure our customers lead the competition in their market. We supply manufacturers in the Medical, Semiconductor, Automotive, Thin Layer, Consumer Goods and Life Science branche. For example, our high-tech machines are contributing to improved healthcare, playful learning and even the comfort and safety of your drive home.

A close-knit family business

AAE is not just another high-tech systems manufacturer, it is a close-knit family business that breaks new ground and explores new territories in high-tech solutions for its customers. From its inception in 1976, AAE has focused on serving its high-tech customers with a long-term vision. This approach has earned it its coveted international reputation. AAE employees are what makes this possible and more than 500+ talented individuals work in dedicated teams. They design and manufacture solutions to help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably.

Being a family-owned business puts AAE ahead of the pack. Firmly rooted in its cultural values which are nurtured and cultivated at every step of the way. With a long-term vision for investment, building business relations and looking after future generations, always leads the way.

Our History

Proud to be part
of something great

Every high-end solution fits seamlessly with your needs and requirements, ensuring you can leverage your manufacturing processes, making them smarter, faster, more stable and cost effective. This approach literally gives you a head start and competitive advantage in your market. Our systems, including new technologies, can be built to integrate perfectly with your existing plant or machines.

We build solutions for manufacturers operating in many different markets. These include medical, automotive, semicon, food & beverage, toys, office supplies, photovoltaic, analytical & life science sectors. So you could say that, together with you, we make society  a smarter, more innovative, beautiful, sustainable, safer and enjoyable place to be.

Our people

Our success is thanks to our people. The combination of their in-depth knowledge of technology and expertise gives you the edge. Our people are professionals who dare to push the boundaries, question conventions and find the best solution for you.

Our people make the difference: their creativity, flexibility, pragmatism, intrinsic drive and highly specialized know-how enables them to uncover the optimum answers to your questions. Want to keep pace with Industry 4.0? We can get you there faster than you dare imagine with high-tech machines and assemblies that will build the future.

Our culture

Always together. Never alone.

We are a partner that you can depend on for the long haul. In the fast moving world of high-tech development it might come as a welcome surprise to learn that we have always got your back. We don’t just solve your problems, incubate your ideas and develop solutions today, we will be around for as long as you need, as we are for all our customers. We take pride in the long-term investment in our working relationship with you. Leading edge high-tech machine manufacturing with honest family values. That’s AAE in a nutshell.

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