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System Integration

Grauel has three distinct automation platforms to choose from when building a fully automated inkjet printing system and assembly solution. These FMS - IMS – CMS (Flexible, Index and Continuous) platforms each have their own special characteristics and advantages. So, no matter how unique or demanding your product or challenge might be, we can tailor a system to match it. We support different brands of inkjet heads and inkjet systems including protective covering, automated cleaning and fully automated handling. So that you get a reliable & sustainable inkjet printing solution.


A good beginning is half the battle, this is all too true for inkjet printing, the correct pre-treatment of products makes a world of difference. We have a long track record of integrating Corona, Flame and Plasma pre-treatments to facilitate high-quality ink adherence. Pre-treatment is a given for us, and we ensure all our systems incorporate tried and tested cutting-edge insights.

Ensuring your products deliver what you promise.


Hand in hand with pre-treatment go ink properties; one cannot exist properly without the other. Here, too, thorough and diligent preparation pays dividends. To make good on your product promises regarding quality, legibility, durability and patient safety, our specialists select or prepare an ink that is up to the job. They will also be on hand if in the future you need support while running the machine or if you need to adapt to changing circumstances or legislation.

Barcode Printing

If you need inkjet-printed barcodes that meet European Union, or other, regulations, you can rely on our systems that are designed to satisfy 4-3 (A-B) grading quality for Decodability, Contrast, Modulation, and Quiet Zones, etc. Supporting you in fulfilling current unique device identification as specified in the EU Medical Devices Regulations 2017/745 & 2017/746, and we will be on hand to help with any future intricacies, too. Compliance need not affect your profitability. We seek out high-end solutions that are faster, more stable and cost effective to integrate in your system, ensuring you maintain your competitive edge.

inkjet Printing

Pushing Technical Boundaries

We push the boundaries of what is technically possible in inkjet printing to empower you. With every high-end solution perfectly in line with your needs and requirements. To increase your competitive edge in your industry, so that you can lead the market through smarter, faster, more stable and cost-effective manufacturing.

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